३० असार २०८१, आईतवार | Sun Jul 14 2024

Khotang, Sept 4: Secretary of the Nepal Red Cross Society, Chhatrakumar Bajimaya donated blood for 53 times on Saturday. Bajimaya, 52, of Diktel Rupakot Majhuwagadhi municipality-1, Diktel, Sankhadhar Sakhwa Chowk, donated blood to Kabita Rai of the same municipality-11, Kharmi who turned critical after excessive bleeding during labour pain. Bajimaya had first donated blood when he was 30.

Obtained life membership of the Red Cross Society seventeen years back, he first donated blood to Sharada Magar (Rai) of Diprud Chuichumma rural municipality-7, Temma in 2060 BS. He recalled that the health workers used to be scared of taking out blood from donor at the moment. “Sharada Magar had turned up to the hospital after excessive bleeding. She was in need of blood for life”, Bajimaya said, adding, “The health workers there had asked me not to donate blood while I reached the health facility for the same”.

He further said, “He donated blood to the woman with critical condition to save her life embracing the notion of blood donation is life donation”. He shared, “The sister is still alive and rings me up frequently. Her children come to visit me and respect me as maternal uncle. I am happy with this”. Bajimaya who is working for second tenure as the district secretary said he was extremely delighted for the opportunity to donate blood. “I have donated blood to save lives of several people. The fellow people show gratefulness after recovery. These are so far the happiest moments in my life”. He went on sharing, “I even go to donate blood to the indigent patients in the midnight. Donating blood is beneficial for own health. I have no disease till this date, I would continue donating blood until and unless there is any issue in my health”.

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He shared he had a target to donate blood for 100 times till 60 years of age. “But, it seems technically difficult. The storage capacity of the blood collection centre in the district is low. The centre has been asking me to stay as spare donor due to its limited storage capacity. Still I am happy to save the lives of the people”. The District Red Cross Society said blood is indispensable in majority of maternity cases in the geographically remote Khotang district.

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