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Bridging Borders through Cinema: Nepali Film Industry Explores International Markets in London Symposium

February 17, Kathmandu. NDC-Nepal recently hosted a three-day program titled ‘Six Decades of Nepali Cinema, Challenges, and Exploring the International Market’ in London, UK, from 10th to 13th February 2024. The event, organized by the National Delphic Council Nepal, featured an interaction and film exhibition on the first day, a meeting at the Embassy of Nepal in the UK on the second day, and discussions with officials from the British Film Institute on the third day.

The distinguished attendees included Mr. Bhuwan KC, Chairman of the Film Development Board, Mr. Sridev BL, Chairman of NDC-Nepal, Jiwan Parajuli, Vice President of NDC-Nepal, and various Nepali filmmakers from Nepal and the UK.

Discussions focused on the presence of Nepali films in the UK market, exploring their potential, addressing complexities, and understanding the role of the Nepali diaspora. Topics included efforts by the Nepali Government, expectations of the diaspora for the international market, and the significance of the global film market for Nepal’s economic and social development.

During his address, Chairman Bhuwan KC advised filmmakers abroad to thoroughly study the Nepali film market before production, emphasizing the importance of understanding the local audience’s preferences and available theaters. He highlighted the broader role of films in promoting culture, tourism, and language globally.

Chairman KC announced plans for the Film Development Board to appoint representatives in international markets, starting with the British market, to facilitate and promote Nepali films. The interaction also provided an opportunity for Nepali filmmakers in the UK to express their challenges and complexities in expanding Nepali films in the international market.

President of NDC-Nepal, Mr. Sridev BL, stated, “Nepal has enjoyed friendly relations with the United Kingdom for centuries, leading to a significant presence of Nepalis here. This is why Delphic has organized its first international event in the UK. In the next two years, we will host various events in many other countries.” He emphasized that such programs would accelerate the pace of Nepali cinema reaching the international market and contribute to policy formulation.

Vice President of NDC-Nepal, Mr. Jiwan Parajuli, argued that the promotion of films should not be limited to filmmakers alone. He emphasized the need to cultivate a culture of cinema and awareness among the general community. Parajuli asserted that Nepali films could establish a strong presence in the international market only if the culture of watching Nepali films could be fostered within the international community. Highlighting the concept of the Delphic Council that sees artistry in every field, he stated, “The notion that only fields like film, music, and painting constitute art is erroneous. There is no field devoid of art. Therefore, Delphic encompasses all areas artistically.” He announced that various programs would be organized in the coming days to promote Nepali art and culture on the international stage.

In conclusion, the program aimed to foster collaboration between Nepali and UK cinema industries, address challenges, and promote Nepali films globally, with a focus on building awareness and appreciation within the international community.

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